Tidal Flat Adventures at Fujimae

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Tidal Flat Adventures at Fujimae

Tidal Flat Adventures at Fujimae An English Environmental Program for Kids & Adults

DATE : Saturday, June 20, 2020
TIME : 10:30-12:30

Come to Nagoya’s environmental success story: a tidal flat saved from landfill. June is a great time to look for life in the mud and watch migratory birds! Great for kids and adults! Just bring shorts, a towel, sandals, and drinking water. There will be no lunch break during the program.

PLACE : FUJIMAE Active Center 2-202 Fujimae , Minato-ku , Nagoya ACCESS : Mie Kotsu bus or car

Due to COVID-19, we are taking the following measures to ensure people’s safety:

・Limited to 15 people
・The program has been shortened to 2 hours maximum, canceled in case of rain
・Wash hands/disinfect with alcohol before entering the center
・All activities will be done in individual or one-family groups indoors and outdoors
・A staff member will be assigned to each group
・Indoor activities will be limited to a brief explanation and changing clothes.
・We require that you wear masks while indoors (masks can be removed for outdoor activities).
・Please think of others and stay at home if you have cold symptoms or otherwise do not feel well