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The Four Seasons at Fujimae
[The tidal flat, a wonderland of life[
@Shorebirds heading for their breeding grounds in Siberia and Alaska stop by at Fujimae Tidal Flat to stock up on food and replenish their energy. The surface of the tidal flat sparkles as the sea recedes, and you can watch the birds feeling a gentle breeze . "Onigiri" tastes great on such a day as this.
@When the little terns hover and dive repeated for little fish, you can watch the crabs on the flat. Lift up a rock in the tidal pools and out come crabs in great numbers. Shellfish, barnacles, anenomes and sea lice abound. Pick a day during the flood tide and go onto the flat. You will find the surface dotted with large and small holes. These are the homes of lugworms, burrowing shrimp and crabs. It is an exciting time to meet many different creatures.
@After bringing up their chicks in Siberia and Alaska, the shorebirds again stop at Fujimae on their way to the southern hemisphere.Take part in the national beach cleanup campaign and examine what kind of garbage you pick up in the area around the tidal flat. You will see how we live from the kind of garbage you find.
@It's the season to watch birds that fly over from Siberia to winter here. You can watch the flocks of ducks that float on the water and large flocks of dunlins. From the autumn to the winter, the tidal flat only comes out at night, so in December we go nightwatching .In the dark of the night, the birds are catching their meal. We sit around a fire and watch the stars.