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(all events will start at Fujimae Activity Center)
Jan 1  The first sunrise at Fujimae: come and join us at 7 a.m. to celebrate the new year.

There are events twice a month. Dates will vary depending on the tides. Check the Japanese web site for more details.

Events will be in Japanese, but most include hands-on activities that don't require much language ability. You can take part in birdwatching, collecting and observing crustaceans along the shore, and venturing out onto the tidal flat in warmer weather. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit because of bird migration, but each season has its attractions.

In winter, dress warmly. In summer, protect yourself from the sun. There are few stores in the area, so be sure to bring something to eat and drink. Also, there is a fee of \200 (\100 for children) to cover the cost of accident insurance for participants.