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Making a society that won't let garbage destroy the environment
The conservation of Fujimae Tidal Flat gave Nagoya the impetus to decrease its output of garbage

When the garbage landfill project was cancelled at Fujimae, the last garbage dump had an estimated capacity of only 2 and a half more years. Nagoya went ahead with a radical plan, declaring an emergency, setting its first real goal of 20% garbage reduction in 2 years, and becoming the first city to fully implement container and wrap recycling. At first, citizens who were unused to garbage separation were at a loss, but with the help of senior citizens who felt a responsibility to reduce the garbage once the tidal flat had been saved, the garbage reduction goals were surpassed and the amount of landfill garbage was halved.

With the confidence that "where there's a will, there's a way," our children and grandchildren who will live out the 21st century are starting to work towards a sustainable "zero-garbage" society.

When you go to Fujimae Tidal Flat to appreciate its natural wonders, stop and think that this was the site for a garbage landfill project. Take a look at the huge Nanyo incinerator (1500 tons/day) and the line of garbage trucks that come and go all day long.

Then think about what each of us should do, and what society should do as a whole.

The Nanyo incinerator seen from the Fujimae levee.
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