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Tides at Fujimae
You can see the flat only at certain times of the day
High tide
2 hours before low tide
Low tide
This tidal flat was formed of dirt and sand carried down by a river. It appears and disappears with the ebb and flow of the tide. Low tide is caused by the gravity of the sun and moon. The cycle of low and high tide repeats itself every 12 hours, but the times shift by 30-40 minutes per day.
The best time to go
You should find the time of low tide and plan to be there 1 hour before.
The extent of low tide depends on the positions of the moon and sun. At flood tide the tide goes out the farthest, and the best time to go is during the first week. Low tide occurs during the daytime in spring and summer and at night during the autumn and winter.
Fujimae begins to appear when the sea level goes below 70 cm. In order to be certain, consult a chart like the one to the right. You can find them by checking the Nagoya Port Authority website. Look for days with a full or a new moon, times when the tide is at its lowest.
Click the URL below to go to the Nagoya Port Authority website. The high tides are listed in the left columns and the low tides in the right.

Days when the tidal flat comes out are marked with single circles for possible days and double circles for the best days.