Time of Year: During the spring tide at Golden Week

The ” Fujimae Festival of Life” is a participatory event held at Fujimae Tidal Flat in spring. Many people come to enjoy nature and look for living creatures on the tidal flats. It is a chance to learn about the conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity, especially the biodiversity found on the tidal flat, Originally started during the campaign to save Fujimae Tidal Flat, the event was held to spread awareness of the Fujimae Tidal Flat to a wider audience.



The Tidal Flat Nature Walk is the main event, where visitors enter the flat to learn about its biodiversity. Another nature walk takes people to the rocky area below the levee to look for crabs. At the Fujimae Tidal Flat Activity Center, where the event is held, there are exhibits and workshops given by various groups and environmental centers engaged in conservation and environmental education. This is the biggest event held during the busy spring at Fujimae Tidal Flat.