Name: Ramsar Site Fujimae Tidal Flat Fujimae Higata Activity Center
Address: 2-202 Fujimae, Minato-ku, Nagoya 

Main facilities:

Exhibition area, lecture room, meeting room, multipurpose room

Nagoya City Bus 
From Tokai-dori Station on the Meijo Subway Line, take the Nagoya City bus for “Nikkogawa Koen” and get off at the last stop.  It’s a 20-minute walk to the center on foot.

Meitetsu Bus Center (Nagoya Station)
Take the Mie Kotsu Bus for “Aeon Mall Nagoya Chaya” (via Nanyo-cho Fujimae)  and get off at “Nanyo-cho Fujimae”  bus stop.  It’s a 15-minute walk to the center on foot.

There are only 2 Mie Kotsu buses/day , so be sure to check the Internet for bus  times .

Contact: tel: 309-7260 (Japanese only), fax: 309-7261

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