Our Organization: Fujimae Ramsar Society 

The Save Fujimae Association was founded in 1987 in order to protect the last remaining tidal flat in Nagoya, and after Fujimae Tidal Flat was saved from a garbage landfill project in 1999,  our organization became an NPO renamed the Fujimae Ramsar Society. Fujimae Ramsar Society continues its mission of informing people about the wonders of the tidal flat and  working toward a society based on sustainable development.

Fujimae Tidal Flat

Fujimae Tidal Flat is one of the most important stopovers for such migratory birds in central Japan. It is recognized internationally as an important wetland and was registered as a Ramsar* site in 2002. Shorebirds passing through in the spring and autumn are attracted to the mudflats which are rich in life. They feast on lugworms, crabs, fish fry, bivalves such as freshwater clams, and mud shrimp.  Fujimae is a vital resting  area for  migratory birds as they make their long flights.  The city of Nagoya was planning to use Fujimae as a garbage landfill site, but after a long campaign by local citizens, the plan was cancelled. This was the impetus for Nagoya to launch a lifestyle-changing garbage reduction campaign.

Nature Programs at Fujimae

You can join regular tidal flat programs from early spring through the summer. While most programs are in Japanese, we have one English program in the spring and another in the autumn. For more information, check our events calendar. You can also visit the Inae Visitor Center and the Fujimae Higata Activity Center to find out more about life on the tidal flat and how Fujimae was saved from development. If you have any specific questions, you can send us an email at info@fujimae.org

*The Ramsar Convention is an international convention that promotes protection of wetlands  and their sustainable use.